When an NFL player leaves a team where he has spent the majority – or all – of his career, he can leave many things behind unrelated to football.

Such is the case for David Bruton Jr., who signed with the Redskins this offseason and in the process left a community in Denver, Colo., where he had established strong roots. That community consisted mostly of elementary schools, where Bruton, while the offseason permits him, continues to play an integral role.

Just last week, he returned to the Denver area to visit three schools – Kenton Elementary, Greenlee Elementary and Columbine Elemtary – continuing his relationship with Mile High United Way. He gave out books for the summer and supplied even more books for their libraries and classrooms.

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Source: http://www.redskins.com/news-and-events/blog/article-1/Brutons-Books-Continues-To-Make-An-Impact-In-Denver-And-Eventually-In-DC/c66751e7-4ae0-4678-8458-b3317abf024f