Cody Ries

Board Member

Hello, reading and education enthusiasts! I’m Cody Ries, and I am thrilled to be part of Brutons Books, a non-profit organization committed to fostering a love for literature and spreading the magic of reading far and wide.

My journey with Brutons Books began from a deep-rooted passion for literacy and the transformative power of books.  As a dedicated advocate for literacy, I’ve taken on various roles within Brutons Books to contribute to our mission. From organizing community reading events to collaborating with schools and libraries, every step is a stride towards building a community that values the written word and fosters a love of education.

At Brutons Books, we believe that every individual, regardless of background, deserves access to quality literature and an equal educational opportunity. Our mission is to be constantly promoting literacy in underserved communities, providing books to children in need, and enriching lives through a thoughtfully curated collection of literature.

When I’m not immersed in the world of books, you’ll find me spending time with wife and three children.  You can usually find us on a baseball or softball field all summer long and enjoying the many snow covered mountains that Colorado has to offer during the winter.  I believe that a love for reading extends beyond the pages of a book, enriching our lives in countless ways.

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