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Creating Opportunities for Colorado's Youth

Bruton’s Books partners with local and national programs to help tackle reading. Through these partnerships, Bruton’s Books works to help low-income children in grades K-3 become strong readers.  Empowering students providing books to underfunded schools, libraries and classrooms.


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Provide Staff support & assist in data-based decision making.

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Continue learning through RAH! (Reading at Home) and Family Literature Nights

Making Reading Fun

The Importance of What We Do

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Colorado 3rd graders are not reading at grade level
0 rd grade
literacy is the strongest predictor to high school graduation.
high school dropouts (in Colorado, 2012-2013)

If 8,650 high school drop outs were to earn their diploma

Colorad Would See...

$ 0 million
in increased earnings.
new jobs.
$ 0 million
in increased state tax revenue.

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